Here’s the thing – I live in California. We have a fantastic Spanish-speaking population here, and yet I took 4 years of French in school. Since I’m not Quebecois or Cajun, this hasn’t really helped me out a lot. Mistake? Probably. But if I ever go to Paris, I…actually, I’ve forgotten almost all of it anyways.

The good news is that our distributor Musical Boutique has made up for my poor educational decisions and has produced several unboxing and review videos in Spanish. Check them out for deep, detailed dives on our V13 Tube, V4 FET, and V1 Pencil microphones!

The first three videos are unboxing videos. Daniel breaks down what comes in each box and why.

The last video is a trumpet shootout. Our V4 went head-to-head against a Royer 121, Neumann U87ai, and AKG C414 XLS for all the marbles! 

If you’re like me and you also don’t speak Spanish, Daniel gave me a handy tip. You can turn on Closed Captions, then go to Settings and select auto-translate into your native tongue. 

A big thanks to Musical Boutique for doing these videos! If you’re looking to pick up Vanguard Audio Labs microphones in Colombia, give them a call and Daniel will help you out!