Vanguard V4

A great thing to wake up to – the awesome (and free for US subscribers!) Tape Op magazine reviewed our V4 FET Condenser Microphone!

Tony Vincent, a Broadway singer, NBC’s “The Voice” contestant, and studio gear nut, wrote a fantastic piece for Tape Op about our V4 Multi-Pattern FET Condenser. He noted a few things in particular. His first comment was on the V4’s “serenely” low noise floor, which he correctly attributed to our fantastic ultra-grade JFET and cryogenic treatment. He also noticed that we spent years (no, seriously) getting the top end of our custom-voiced Vanguard capsules to be in the Goldilocks zone – not too bright, not too dark…just silky smooth.

The bottom line? I’ll quote Tony:

“I’m shocked at how well this microphone performs, and when I consider its price tag I am absolutely blown away. I’m admittedly a microphone snob, but I whole-heartedly recommend this microphone, and have a strong feeling that this will be my go-to FET in most situations.”

To read the whole review, check out the article. And while you’re at it, subscribe to Tape Op for free! The interviews alone are worth their weight in gold.

Thanks to Tony, Larry, Scott, and the whole Tape Op crew for making this interview happen. If you want to hear the V4 for yourself, check out our SoundCloud, complete with tracking notes and links to hi-res WAV files. And if you’re ready to buy one, find your favorite Vanguard dealer!


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