Whenever I’m working away the hours on microphones, it’s always nice to have a review come out of nowhere. Here’s yet another fantastic review of our V1S+LOLLI Multi-Capsule Pencil Condenser Kit.

Fritz Frey writes for the German publication Studio Magazin. In the past, he’s written reviews for our V13 Tube Condenser and our V4 FET Condenser microphones. In his “Mikrofonekontest” articles, Fritz shoots out many different new models of mics in the studio on various sources.

Fritz recently took our V1S+LOLLI out for a spin and came away very impressed. His first impression was the V34C “LOLLI” large-diaphragm capsule on vocals.

“The best way to describe the sound of the Vanguard large diaphragm combination is ‘absolutely honest and natural’. The microphone is strikingly color-neutral and at most provides a slight  flattery in the highs that sounds ‘better than in reality’.”

Next he swapped to the wide-cardioid small-diaphragm capsules on acoustic guitar:

“At this point we can switch seamlessly to the small diaphragm microphones by screwing a wide cardioid onto the V1 amplifier and placing a stereo pair in front of the acoustic guitar, which literally jumps out of the loudspeakers. Very malleable, very real, very rich in details and transients.”

His final thoughts?

“If we look into the wooden box with 10 high-quality and natural-sounding capsules, two amplifier bodies and a stereo bar after this sound impression, the price mentioned can actually only be a mistake. This is really top class, no question at all when I think of the two large diaphragm microphones that can be built from the set. This is not only interesting for studios who want to expand their microphone park at a high level for little money…”

Read the whole review (with photos!) here. At the end, I’ve included a Google Translated version for those of us who don’t Deutsch sprechen!

Many thanks to Fritz & Studio Magazin for giving our microphones an honest assessment. Also thanks to our German distributor For-Tune for setting up the review!