Apparently it’s open season for reviewing the V4, as we’ve picked up 3 stellar reviews in the last month! This time, Jon Thornton at Resolution magazine gave our V4 FET Condenser a look, and came away impressed. Here’s an excerpt from his experience with the V4 on drums:

One thing that struck me immediately here is just how good the V4 sounds at different working distances. Often a mic in this class can sound very compelling worked close, but a little underwhelming when put further back in a space — and that’s not the case here. Close miked on a floor tom there’s a real sense of cohesion to the low-mids — helped by engaging the filter to tidy up the very low end. But great transient detail too — and enough rejection in cardioid pattern to ensure not too much in the way of bleed.”

Check out the full review and make sure to pick up your April 2019 edition of Resolution. Many thanks to Jon, as well as our UK distributor Emerging Ltd for setting up the review (completely unbeknownst to us!)

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