Our distributor in Sweden, Point Source Scandinavia, recently sent us this great music video “Come On Up to the House” by Swedish artist Jerry Ask. I can barely chew gum & walk at the same time, so seeing a kick/snare AND guitar AND vocals…that’s impressive. Great tones, too! The V13 Tube Condenser microphone played heavily into the tones in the music video. From Jerry about his V13 (thanks, Google Translate!):

Point source Scandinavia let me test Vanguard Audio Lab’s V13 microphone, which is a large-diaphragm tube mic in a wicked vintage design! This has come to be my go-to mic on almost everything. Not only does it sound very good, it fits in a wonderfully nice way. V13 has the warm vintage feeling and at the same time the expensive fine detail and close proximity. On “Come On Up to the House”, I’ve used it on basically everything…Thank you very much for this Hasse Queisse at Point Source Scandinavia and Vanguard Audio Labs!”

Original Swedish quote:

“Det här är ju roligt tycker jag!
Point source Scandinavia lät mig testa Vanguard Audio Lab’s mik V13 som är en stormembrans rör-mik i sjukt snyggt vintageutförande! (Mikrofonen i videon)
Detta har kommit att bli min go to-mik på nästan allt. Inte nog med att den e sjukt snygg, den låter och jobbar på ett fantastiskt fint vis. V13 har den varma vintagekänslan och samtidig den dyra fina detaljrikedomen och närheten. På Come on Up to the house har jag använt den på i princip allt, förutom en närmik på bastrumma och virvel.
Tusen tack för detta Hasse Quessier point source Scandinavia och Vanguard Audio Labs!”

Thanks Jerry! Check out why so many engineers, producers, and artists are using our V13 Tube Condenser as their first choice, even above more expensive microphones!

Video shot by Emmy Åhström.