Jazz drummer Ryan Shaw, who has drummed with Michael Bublé, Seth MacFarlane, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Holman, and more, took our V44S Stereo FET Condenser and a pair of V13 Tube Condensers for a spin at his Los Angeles home studio. Check out the videos on the left to a) hear some amazing musicianship and b) hear how the V44S and V13 respond to brushes, sticks, and various placements on Ryan’s Gretsch kit. We’ll be hosting these on our SoundCloud shortly; make sure to check them out!

From Ryan on the V13:

The V13’s sound fantastic as overhead and are especially warm compared with other Condensers.

From Ryan on the V44S:

I kept [each capsule] in Cardioid and tested each position 0-90 with Vic Firth Legacy Brushes. Beautiful, natural, and versatile mic.

All clips are raw through an Apollo 8xp with no emulations or plugins. Just a great drummer on a great kit through great mics. Thank you Ryan, for going above and beyond in making these videos! Welcome to the family. Check out more of Ryan’s work on his website, Instagram, and make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel to see even more videos…these three are just a small selection. Ryan also does remote recording work; if you’re looking for a top-flight jazz drummer for your record, contact him.