Project Description

Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, more commonly known as “Xulfi”, is a songwriter, producer, engineer, and instrumentalist in his native Pakistan. Starting his career in 1994, Xulfi has established himself as one of the most prolific artists in the Pakistan music industry. He is the recipient of multiple awards in Pakistan, including the ARY Music Award and the Indus Music Award. He was also nominated for the Lux Style Awards, the The Musik Awards and for the Best Debut Singer at the Radio Mirchi Awards 2009 for the song Yeh Pal from the movie Aasma. He was also nominated for the Airtel Radio Mirchi Awards in India. Xulfi’s current project is Nescafé Basement, for which he serves as producer and mentor. The show won the award for Best Music Show at the Express Tribune Awards Best in Media Innovation, and has also won an award at the PAS Awards.

Besides his bands Call and Entity Paradigm, Xulfi has also been involved in a number of Bollywood projects as composer, lyricist and producer. Some of his well-known works include Laaree Chooti from Ek Chalis Ki Last Local in 2007, Yeh Pal from Aasma in 2009, Dhadke Jiya from Aalo Chaat in 2009, and Kuch Aisa, Kuch Aisa (Sad Version) and Reh Jaane Do from Aao Wish Karein in 2009.

Xulfi has produced, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered music albums for Call’s Jilawatan and Dhoom albums, Entity Paradigm’s album Irtiqa, Jal’s album Aadat, Roxen’s album Rozen-e-Deewaar, Inteha’s album Daastaan, and Ankur Tewari’s album Jannat.

Xulfi recently picked up a Vanguard V13 Tube Condenser and has been using it extensively.

“The day I got the Vanguard V13, I used it to track a wooden flute. The next day, I tracked a pop vocalist using the microphone. Both times, I was startled to see what little self noise this beauty has and how completely it captured both sources, capturing just the right amount of mid forward richness. We often talk about how tube mics do not suit all kinds of sources. But the Vanguard V13, without sacrificing the inherent texture that comes with the tube mic, flatters most sources beautifully. I realized that I was hardly EQ’ing the Vanguard V13 compared to other tube mics, as most tube mics tend to be extra mid-forward that has to be EQ’d out in a relatively busy mix. Proud to be a part of the Vanguard family!”

Thank you Xulfi, for using our microphones in your craft!