Project Description

Recording Artist, Engineer, Producer

Spencer Gibb (Serial #27) is a solo recording artist, and happens to be the ultra-talented son of Robin Gibb (the Bee Gees).

“In all of my years as a performer, producer and engineer, I have to say that the V13 is one of the most exquisite microphones I have ever used. Beautifully transparent yet both bright AND warm, especially in the upper midrange. On vocals, acoustic guitars, piano and drums, it does not disappoint. It captures every detail. This is not a gimmicky, ‘vintage’ sounding tube mic. It’s a mic for professionals. If you’re a fan of Neumann, Shoeps, Geffell and other microphones of that caliber, then put one (or two!) of these in your mic closet. And insanely, for a fraction of the price…”