Project Description

Voice Over Artist

Scott Rummell is the #1 Hollywood voice over artist for movie and television promos, trailers, and commercials. He’s been doing top-notch VO work for over 30 years. Chances are, if you go to any movie or watch any television, you’ll hear his voice several times. Some of his recent work includes trailers and promos for Wonder Woman, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Interstellar, The Avengers, The Bachelor, Castle, and too many others to list here! He’s also lent his velvet vocal cords to voice characters in several series, including Justice League Unlimited, Rugrats, and Adventures in Odyssey. This is in addition to being one of the nicest, friendliest human beings we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

We met Scott at NAMM and he was immediately intrigued by our V13 as a voiceover solution. When he heard it, he fell in love with the way the V13 captured the detail and character in his voice. Here’s what he had to say about his two V13s (Serial #s 229 & 230):

“First of all, let me say that this is the most beautiful microphone I have ever seen. It is just gorgeous. You feel like you are holding a Rolls Royce. It’s absolutely beautiful. What I love about this mic is that you have so many options and applications and patterns available, it’s more than one microphone. If I’m doing a deep dark movie trailer, there will be a setting for that. if I’m doing something that’s a bit friendlier and lighter, there’s a setting for that. The V13 captures all the nooks and crannies of my voice for any read, in any setting. This is a microphone that is truly a beautiful find – I feel like I’ve been searching & searching for a new mic and finally found the one (I’ve been using a 416 for 20 years). The V13 has taken so many excellent elements from so many great microphones and managed to put them into one fantastic mic. I am happily endorsing and enjoying using the Vanguard V13!”

Storytime – we set up the V13 in Scott’s studio to demo, and 10 minutes into the demo he got a call from his agent for a major motion picture trailer read that was happening immediately. He turned to me and said, “let’s just do it on the V13 – it sounds great!” I sat and watched him roll through an excellent VO session. Three different times, the producer on the other end commented how fantastic Scott sounded on this particular session (we didn’t tell him we were using a new mic at all). I’ll be tickled when I go to the theatre and hear his voice on the preview through our V13!!