Project Description

Award-Winning Composer & Artist

Robert Tepper is an award-winning composer, songwriter, and recording artist. Originally hailing from Bayonne, New Jersey, Tepper has spent decades in the music industry in both New York and Los Angeles.

Robert’s first successes came as a composer & songwriter. He has written hits like Paul Anka’s “This Is Love”, Benny Mardonnes’ “Into The Night”, and Pat Benatar’s “La Bel Age”.

After moving to Los Angeles, Tepper’s compositions & performances saw success in film and television. His music has been featured in “Rocky IV”, “Cobra”, “South Park”, “Breaking Bad”, and more.

I recently got a call from Robert. He had recently finished his new home studio and was looking for a vocal mic that could capture the nuances of his performances. Robert’s voice is one of the trickier one’s I’ve heard. Depending on the material, he can move swiftly from a smooth baritone croon to a gravelly rock “push” in an instant. We threw the Vanguard V13 Tube Condenser up on a stand and he recorded a quick verse-chorus on a very dynamic song. He was floored by the detail the V13 pulled out of the softer verse and the way it handled the blasting rock breakup of the chorus. From Robert:

“The Vanguard’s V13 multi-pattern tube microphone has a smooth top end that is just perfect for my voice. The wide array of patterns gives a great versatility to this mic. It’s beautifully made and very classic-looking. Great job!”

Thanks, Robert! You can check out Robert’s newest album “Better Than The Rest” on his website or Spotify!