Project Description

Prince, Usher, Outkast, Frank Ocean, Patti LaBelle

Richard Furch owns our V13 Serial #161. As an engineer, his work underlines 6 Grammy-winning albums and 18 Grammy-nominated albums, and his sought-after engineering prowess has led him to work with artists such as India.Arie, Jay-Z, Macy Gray, Chrisette Michelle, Fountains of Wayne, The Isley Brothers, Tyrese, Leela James, Patti LaBelle, and many more. Here’s his comments on the V13:

“The V13 filled a void in my mic locker, a 251-style microphone I could use on vocals and acoustic guitars. It has the body I’m looking for when mic’ng the acoustic guitar with a large diaphragm mic and the sheen that makes vocals sound bright and modern, but still smooth and never harsh. A clear winner, Vanguard has created some magic here!”