Project Description

Musician, Songwriter, Producer

Patrick Krief is a Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer based near Montreal, Quebec.

Having been a co-writer and guitarist with Montreal “orchestral pop noir” band The Dears for nearly a decade, Krief’s solo career has evolved from side-project band (Black Diamond Bay) to more of a one-man effort with a succession of guests to a truly solo endeavor — Krief plays all the instruments on his new solo album Dovetale.

Patrick recently purchased a Vanguard V13 Tube Condenser. Here’s his thoughts on the microphone:

“I’m really loving this V13 as vocal mic and Overhead mic. It’s a great mic to have in the arsenal as it offers a really clean and tight tone. It’s really efficient at cleaning up low end, and the proximity effect isn’t too extreme so it makes for an easy job singing for someone like me who isn’t the best at mic technique. I’ve put it up against mics 4-5 times the cost of it, and it holds up. I’ve blind-tested other engineers and time and time again they choose the v-13 (though I suspect they don’t want to, hehe!). I’ve been using it mostly as a mono overhead and it really gives me an amazingly well-balanced drum kit. Nothing tubby in the kick, and a nice snappy snare without the cymbals getting harsh. I don’t have to spend hours carving out a tone in the mix later. It’s just there the way I hear it in the room. Though I do love it on my voice, (especially on the baritone stuff) it really does amazing things to female vocals. Super impressed with this microphone, a definitely go-to in my arsenal.”

Welcome to the family, Patrick! You can learn more about Patrick on his website and via the social links below.