Project Description

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Dodge

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Pablo Coronado is a mix engineer and sound designer. A passionate musician, Pablo has worked on audio design projects for renowned Latin American companies as well as working with well-known US brands.

Recording live field sounds and creating them in his home studio, Pablo does not allow his tools to compromise his sound quality. Pablo picked up a V13 Tube Condenser from us and has been using it in his work with brands like Coca-Cola, Dodge California, Tevelisa Mexico, PepsiCo, and more.

“You can have all the vintage microphones in the world, but nothing as versatile and efficient for almost anything you put to it. Great dynamics, fast response, and great tone for vocals, drums, acoustic guitar, etc…the reliability and warm tone I get from the V13 is almost imposible to match if compared to any other microphone in today’s market.”

Thanks Pablo! You can follow Pablo’s work on his Instagram.