Project Description

Canary Islands Recording Studio

Andrea from Ocean Spiral studio sent us this beautiful shot of his V44S Stereo microphone.

“Just finished the basic tracks of an entire album of classical/nylon string guitar, with your V44S as the main mic in front of the instrument. M through Triton Audio tube preamp & LA500 tube comp, S through Focusrite ISA Two & TK Audio BC500 buss comp. Sounded f***ing gorgeous! and I say this having often used a Neumann USM69, Studio Projects LSD2, and a rather rare AKG426B! Your mic keeps up with any and all of them, having its own more open/modern (but not harsh or sibilant!) sound – but it has a better rotation mechanism & shockmount than any of them, with the added bonus of the inbuilt dual use M/S breakout box. Talk about value for money!”