Project Description

Audio Engineer (Tonik Ensemble, Gil Goldstein, Greg Osby…)

Multi-award-winning recording, mixing, and mastering engineer José Diogo Neves has successfully transcended genres through working with a diverse array of artists, including Grammy Award winning artists. José is a distinguished multi-faceted studio talent, and his work is renowned for having artistic integrity. José is also a Professor at TÜ Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia – Tartu University, Estonia. He’s been using our V44S and V13. Here’s what he had to say:

“During this week´s MandoTrio recording session I had the opportunity to test the new Vanguard Audio Labs stereo large-diaphragm triple pattern FET condenser microphone V44S. I was very surprised with the warmth, body and detail of this microphone. This microphone can easily be configured for Blumlein, X/Y or MS. During this session I used it in a X/Y configuration for both the mandolin and vocals and it worked extremely well. I am a huge fan of stereo microphones, for example the Neumann SM2 or SM69, and in my opinion, the V44S is right up there with these legends. It also sounds simply epic on drums! The detail, definition and stereo image is so good!”

Thanks, José! Welcome to the Vanguard family.