Project Description

John Fogerty, Brian Wilson, Roger Waters, Richie Sambora

John Lowson is a 2-time Grammy-winning engineer, producer, and instrumentalist. Here’s what he had to say about his V13 (SERIAL #49):

“In the world of tube driven LDC mics, I have had my more than fair share of privilege. At one point I had lined up side by side – 8 Telefunken U47s ranging from $5K to $20K+, for one particular artist to pick out that ‘magic one’. I also have several of the clones in my personal mic locker well above the $2k range. I have never posted a review on any of these. However, I am so impressed with the V13 that it merits mention, as I have stacked it up against these others, and I am completely blown away.

“First let me say that the quality build on this mic supersedes any at 5 times the price. The microphone itself, the shock mount, and flight case…so very cool! Also love the old school look of the 7-pin cable.

“Now for the most important part, how does it sound?

“It delivers way beyond expectation! Consistent clarity, a very musical warmth, and such a smooth top end. Even in the mix there is very little I need to do to get the V13 recorded tracks sonically shaped to that authenticity that is so hard to come by.

“I have used it extensively on vocals, however for acoustic guitar it also sounds amazing. Also unbeatable for piano, violins, even drum overheads or room mics. I love the performance of this microphone for low-level instruments as well as high-SPL sources. In a word, the V13 is one of the most useful tools in my studio… Phenomenal!

“I would have paid many the times the price, it’s an unbelievable value at this price. It has literally changed my mind about my prior favorite ‘go-to’ mics, It seems to easily capture that ‘magic’ that I have always sought after.
At any price, a must have for anyone who is serious about their recording work. Thank you Vanguard Audio Labs!”