Project Description

Decibel Studios LA

Jesus Martinez is a producer/engineer and requintista (tenor guitar) based in Los Angeles,CA. He began to play latin folk music at a young age and is part of Tres Souls, a trio embracing the sounds of the 1940’s. When producing Tres Souls latest EP he brought together the classic folk sound of Cuba while adding electric guitars with long lush reverbs. Adding to that sound he sampled movies from the golden age of mexican cinema.

He gained experience by graduating from Berklee College of Music and has spent many years being a performing musician. More recently, he has recorded with Lupita Infante and has had music placed in several movies. Currently he is producing and engineering for the mariachi community in Los Angeles. He opened Decibel Studios in order to capture the authentic sounds of LA.

Jesus recently purchased a Vanguard V13 Tube Condenser as the centerpiece microphone for Decibel Studios. Here’s his thoughts on it:

“As an engineer having the correct tools is vital. And having a V13 in your tool box is a beautiful thing. I have put the V13 up against mics that are $3,000+, and boy, does it hold up. It gives the singing voice a presence that is natural in every way. One of my favorite things to experience is when artists first hear their voice through a V13, its always a wow factor in the studio.”