Project Description

Engineer, Producer, Vocal Coach

James is a lifelong musician, working in both Los Angeles and Nashville. He is one one of the sought-after vocal coaches in the music industry, including work on ‘American Idol’ as an analyst and vocal coach. Here’s what he had to say about his V13s (Serial #s 223 & 224):

“The only thing better than the Vanguard V13 mic is 2 of them!

“I’ve been using them in tandem with my Flea 47, it’s like having Rocky Road and Pralines & Cream. Best of both worlds. The V13s have a very beautiful top end ala C12 and sound so expensive. The other thing I have noticed they take SPL very well, we had a blues rocker guy using the V13 the other day and he was so loud and the mic handled the high volume and rushing air like a champ. Incredible mic at any price.”