Project Description

Voice Over Artist

Jack Daniel voices movie trailers, promos, network documentaries, and national commercials. You’ve almost certainly heard his voice on television, in the theater, online, and on the radio. His clients include Disney, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, Blizzard Entertainment, Jack in the Box, US Cellular, Dell, Cisco, AT&T, Ketel One Vodka, and hundreds more.

“Sound quality is mission-critical for both voice over (my profession) and music (my passion). I have experimented with many microphones and have some real treasures in my mic closet, including the storied Neumann U87 and Sennheiser 416. What’s cool about the Vanguard V13 is that it combines the incisiveness and presence of the 416 with the smooth fullness of the U87. I plan on putting the V13 into heavy rotation.”

Jack Daniel – Serial #847