Project Description

Engineer & Studio Owner

Eric Meyer is the owner of The Noiz Faktory in Georgetown, Texas. He was one of the earliest adopters of the V13, and we’ve had the pleasure of meeting him several times at NAMM. Here’s what he said about his V13s:

“The V13 to me is what you get when you cross a C-12 with a ELAM-251. I have used it on a variety of sources ranging from vocals to acoustic instruments and it simply delivers the goods. The mic is so good that is why I have a stereo pair. I was turned on to this mic by my friend Glen Heffner and simply put Glen is an excellent judge of mics and when he told me to look at this company and this mic it was a no brainer. Now when it comes to working with Vanguard Audio Labs, it should be noted that Derek and Ken are simply amazing guys. I can only say that their customer support is superior and one of the very few companies that are 100% involved in all their customer interactions. I am fortunate to get to work with Vanguard Audio Labs and I am excited about the future adventures with this company and their gear.”