Project Description

Ty Fy Studios, Walt Disney Entertainment

Dan Scott is an Emmy Award winning engineer and sound designer based in Orlando. He and his partners at Ty Fy Studios work on major projects for the likes of Lucasfilm, Walt Disney Imagineering, Disney Parks Live Entertainment, Cartoon Network, Fox, ABC, ESPN, Disney Cruise Line, Activision and more (seriously – his credits list is pretty amazing – click the photo for a list!). He recently tried the V13
and was thrilled by how easy it is to work with. In our conversations, he specifically mentioned the pattern switch’s ability to naturally and quickly tailor the EQ and proximity effect to a source. Here’s what he says about his V13 (serial no. 480):

“The V13 has become a go-to in situations where other (much more expensive) mics in the locker have struggled. From vocals and voiceovers to strings it’s captured everything I’ve put it on with amazing presence and depth. And it hardly needs more than some slight EQ to make the source fall back into the mix.”

He recently tried our V13 and was thrilled by it.