Dan Richard Bailey

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Project Description

Session & Touring Drummer

Drum wizard Dan Bailey has toured and recorded for acts including Christina Aguilera, Father John Misty, Everest, Jon Foreman, First Aid Kit, and many more. I first met Dan while field-testing our first production run of V13s at Sam Knaak’s Earwitness Studios in Whittier, CA. When he set up his own studio, he called us to buy a V13 (#302) and V44S (#39). Here’s what he had to say about them:

“At my studio I use both the V13 and the V44s regularly; usually the V13 in a close mono position and the V44s as my main room pair in omni mode. The V44s is easily my favorite room mic. The flexibility of a stereo microphone in a single chassis means you don’t spend your time measuring your room mics, you place it where it sounds good (most anywhere) and go. Plainly, the microphones give you a pleasant version of whatever you’re capturing, and thats about the biggest complement you can pay any piece of gear.”

Thanks Dan!