Project Description

Session & Touring Drummer

Drum wizard Dan Bailey has toured and recorded for acts including Christina Aguilera, Father John Misty, Everest, Jon Foreman, First Aid Kit, and many more. I first met Dan while field-testing our first production run of V13s at Sam Knaak’s Earwitness Studios in Whittier, CA. When he set up his own studio, he called us to buy a V13 (#302) and V44S (#39). Here’s what he had to say about them:

“At my studio I use both the V13 and the V44s regularly; usually the V13 in a close mono position and the V44s as my main room pair in omni mode. The V44s is easily my favorite room mic. The flexibility of a stereo microphone in a single chassis means you don’t spend your time measuring your room mics, you place it where it sounds good (most anywhere) and go. Plainly, the microphones give you a pleasant version of whatever you’re capturing, and thats about the biggest complement you can pay any piece of gear.”

Thanks Dan!

Dan is one of the most studio-savvy drummers I’ve ever met, and is a genius when it comes to kit selection, tuning, mic’ing, processing, and playing technique to get some extraordinary sonic signatures. He’s released his video series “The Bailey Method” that walks you through his entire process to achieve world-class sonic signatures. Check it out on Vimeo.