Project Description

Voice Over Artist


Chris Fries is an award-winning voiceover artist. If you play video games or watch television, you’ve heard his voice many, many times. His voice has been featured on commercials for American Idol, Honda, FOX Sports, Brooklyn 99, General Motors, Dodge, McDonalds, and many, many others. He’s also lent his voice to games including Halo 5, Call of Duty, and Medal of Honor. When he demo’d the V13, he immediately called me and is now using it full-time to replace his industry-standard Sennheiser 416.

Here’s what Chris told us about his V13s (Serial #s 231 & 232):

“I’ve been using the Sennheiser 416 for years. My V13 captures details and characters in my voice that the Sennheiser simply can’t. It’s a wonderful piece of equipment, and it makes me sound even better – which is the whole point of this business, to sound as good as good as you can to get that competitive edge. The V13 does that for me.”

Chris recently won three SOVAS VoiceArts Awards for his work. Below is part of the Dodge commercial campaign that netted him the award – recorded with our Vanguard V13.