Project Description

Herbie Hancock, Brian Eno, Bill Withers,

Cesar Mejia (V13 Serial #142) is an incredible LA-based engineer whose clients include Marcus Miller, Los Lobos, Joni Mitchell, and more with his V13:

“Been using the V13 on anything and everything I can put it in front of: Pianos, Guitars, both electric and acoustic, Drums, basses, strings, you name it. All I can say about the V13 is creamy highs, smooth mids and tight lows. Can’t go wrong with this mic!!”

Cesar also recently picked up a V1S matched pair of pencil condensers recently – Serial #248 & 249, and he’s loving those too!

[The V1 Pencil Condensers] sound incredible. Very detailed sound without sacrificing the low mids. They were crucial in the sound of the Taikos. Loved the wide cardioid and the super cardioid capsules.