Project Description

Recording & Mixing Engineer

Bryce Zabric is a Nashville-based recording & mixing engineer who has worked with artists like Flaming Lips, Delta Rae, Sandi Patty, Craig Campbell, and more. Bryce recently picked up our V4 FET condenser microphone .

“Vanguard will be a staple name for microphones in professional studios, mark my words. These aren’t knockoffs or clones and are over built for the price point offered, which you don’t find these days.

“I was first blown away when I heard the V13 in a shootout when I was working at The Music Group studios in OKC…I couldn’t believe how well the V13 stood its ground against $3000+ microphones and even surpassed them in quite a few areas.

“Fast forward a couple years and I ran into the V13 again while working at Vintage King in Nashville. I shot this mic out with every other mic in the store. It has depth, character and there wasn’t anything I put through it that didn’t sound great! Male/female vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, violin, horns, percussion, you name it! When people came looking for a mic, that didn’t know what they really wanted, I always sent them to the V13 first! Majority of the time, this was the mic they walked out with.

“Everything that has the name Vanguard on it is guaranteed to be outstanding quality. I’m on my way to owning them all!”