Project Description

Voice Over Artists

Have you been to Disneyland or California Adventure and heard “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…”? If so, you’ve heard Camille Dixon and Bill Rogers, two supremely talented voice over artists. Not only are they the familiar park announcers for various Disney resorts, their VO resumes are incredibly impressive – their combined credits (because if I listed them all, this post would be a novel) include lending their vocal talent to Coca-Cola, Ford, Safeway, GM, Children’s Hospital LA, Lexus, National Geographic, and many more. Not only that, but they’re two of the nicest folks I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting in person. [Related sidenote: I love my job.]

From Bill, one of my favorite quotes of all time about his V13:

“This is a mic that’s easy enough to use every day at lunch, and fancy enough to use for a steak dinner.”

We are honored to welcome Bill and Camille to the Vanguard family as they use our V13s (serial #239 and #240) in their Los Angeles and Salt Lake City studios!

If you’d like to learn more about their work, visit and