Project Description

Shenandoah, Reba McEntire, Linda Davis, The Country Club Band

Arnie Newman is a guitarist, singer-songwriter, and producer based in Southern California. Simply put, he’s the most virtuosic picker I’ve ever worked with! A veteran touring guitarist with Reba McEntire and others, Arnie has recently built his own studio in Southern California, as well as the Arnie Newman Band which plays all over Southern California.

Arnie recently picked up our V13 Tube Condenser and V1 FET Pencil Condenser sets.

“The V13 is my number 1 go-to for tracking Vocals, Drums, Acoustic and Electric Guitar with its smooth and natural high end comparable to those large diaphragm vintage mics, but for a fraction of the cost! and the V1 pencil condenser with its interchangeable capsules is an amazing tool. A must-have for any studio wanting versatility and quality without breaking the bank. Looking forward to adding more great gear from Vanguard Audio labs to my arsenal!”

You can check out Arnie’s work at the links below, as well as by clicking on his profile picture here! Go check out some of the jaw-dropping guitar videos he’s got on his pages.