Project Description

John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles

Aaron Sterling is a drummer, producer, and audio engineer living in Los Angeles, CA. If you’ve listened to popular music in the last decade or two, you’ve heard his work. Aaron has played on hundreds of albums for artists including Miley Cyrus, Shakira, Lana Del Rey, Kelly Clarkson, Keith Urban, The Civil Wars, and many many more. He has redefined what it means to be a “studio drummer” in the modern era, shaking up the way we think about mics, rooms, and drumming.

Aaron said this about his Vanguard V44S Stereo FET Condenser (Serial #265):

“I’ve been using [the V44S] on every song…it’s got a crispiness to it without any of the harsh stuff. I’ve been using it different ways…really high above the kit and super close. It sounds great anywhere.”

You can check Aaron’s work (and book him for a session) a lot of places:

Or just follow the social links below. Even if you’re not a drummer, I highly recommend checking outyou’re going to learn a new way to think about the recording & production process.