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Q: Will I have to pay shipping?

A: Nope. We will pay the shipping to you, and back from you in the event of a return.

Q: Do you charge me when you send me the demo unit?

A: We take and test a valid payment method before shipping your demo gear, but we do not charge unless you decide to keep it (which, let’s be honest…you’re gonna keep it.)

Q: I’m signed up! When do I get my microphone?

A: This signup form is a request to participate in the demo program. We’ll be contacting you to double-check your info, get a valid form of payment, and give you the Monty Python test (not really…but maybe). It’s also dependent on our inventory situation.

Q: The model I want says “Out of Stock”. Can I still submit for the waitlist?

A: Absolutely. Due to the unexpected popularity of this program, we have had some inventory shortages. If we don’t have stock of a particular model, we’ll reserve your space in line when the unit becomes available.

Q: Can I participate if I’m outside the US?

A: At this time, only US residents are eligible for the demo program. Our distributors are super-cool, and a lot of them do offer demos as well. You can find your local Vanguard Audio Labs distributor here…and if you’re in a place where we don’t have a distributor yet, please email us and we’ll see what we can do to help you!

Q:What’s your favorite color?

A: Not relevant. But it’s obviously Pinot Noir, the color of our microphones. Also, I’m the one giving the Monty Python test, not you.

Q: What’s the catch?

A: No catch, honest. You can read our Terms & Conditions here.

Q: What if I want to try a bunch of different Vanguard microphones at once?

A: At the moment, we’re only offering one demo at a time. We may expand this in the future.

Q: Is my payment information safe?

A: Absolutely. We ONLY keep it in hardcopy, and destroy it once your demo is concluded. It’s not stored anywhere on our computer systems. We’re #AnalogFolk.

Q: I’ve got my demo and I love it, but I still want to buy the mic from my usual dealer. Is that ok?

A: Absolutely! We love our dealers too. Give us a call and we’ll get in touch with the dealer to finalize the transaction.

Q: Can I try the same mic twice?

A: Sorry, no rentals…you get one shot per mic. Make it count!