Ryan Earnhardt of Creative Sound Lab recently gave our V44S Stereo FET Condenser and V1S+LOLLI Multi-Capsule Pencil Microphone System a whirl. He has posted the results in a 17-minute video on his YouTube Channel.

Ryan demo’d the V44S on drum overheads with XY, Blumlein, and stereo omnidirecitonal techniques. He also showed the limitless potential of a stereo microphone on vocals. For instance, you can set different patterns on the capsules for the V44S and combine them to change the final polar pattern. He also mentioned using one channel as a “grit mic.”

Ryan ran through multiple V1S+LOLLI capsules on guitar, vocals, and drums. Check out the video to hear the results.

You can support Creative Sound Lab by checking out Ryan’s excellent recording courses on his website. Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel for some incredible tips and techniques. Keep an eye on his channel for more videos featuring Vanguard Audio Labs microphones!