Stereo snares? Stereo snares! One of our favorite engineers, José Diogo Neves, has written a fantastic article for Recording Magazine. It’s about creativity, breaking rules, and getting out of your comfort zone.

José, hailing from Portugal, is one of Estonia’s top engineers. He’s received numerous awards for his production and engineering work. At NAMM 2020, José did a live demo of his work with our microphones. That included a mind-blowing presentation that really made me aware of how creative he really is. The editor of Recording saw the presentation and asked José to write an article on the process.

As José used our V1S+LOLLI Multi-Capsule Pencil Condenser System to track the stereo snare, it is heavily featured in the article along with a plethora of other great gear. Read the full article here!

“For mic choice, I often grab the versatile Vanguard Audio Labs V1S+LOLLI. This mic kit comes with a pair of V1 pencil condenser mics along with five interchangeable capsules, my favorite of which is the included large diaphragm multipattern LOLLI capsule. It’s by far the best room microphone I’ve ever used—why? It’s so warm, which is generally my problem with many room microphone choices—lack of warmth.”